Installation on mechanical objects from Derrick Kpeli on Vimeo.

my installation on mechanical objects and noise performance by Nick Holt:

Lately I’ve been collecting broken or thrown away mechanical items and it’s got me wondering why these items were thrown away in the first place. Obviously these items were thrown away because they were broken, but sometimes at some point people choose to fix these items or keep them. Why are some of these items fixed while the others are thrown away? Do we get attach to specific items? Why do we decide to keep some mechanical objects even when they are broke? Does our attachment to these items give them a greater meaning? Does that mean the ones thrown away had less of a meaning?

                  I want to explore the relationship we have with mechanical objects. Many people have built a hobby around the idea of fixing and putting together mechanical items, while for others it’s their career. I find broken mechanical items very beautiful. I will start my project by collecting thrown away or broken mechanical object and build a large installation out of them. I will then interview people, the ones that use and own the mechanical objects. I will ask them to address some of the questions I brought up, through their own attachment to a specific object. We have grown to give nonliving objects the same care and attachments we will give to a friend or a family, does that imply that when we throw away these objects we also have an inner desire to physically get rid of our flaws or even fix them (which we already do)

                  Do we treat these objects the same way we treat each other? 


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    Ricardo and I. His installation, my noise.
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