Mr. Smell Good, Look Good was also selling 2 lbs of hope in a jar(pictured in his hand)



SSISSTERSS is a new quarterly webzine highlighting the creative work of queer women artists. 

Find Issue #1 and #2 available free online at and follow us on instagram @ssissterss.

Featuring interviews and work by Ramdasha Bikceem, Gabby Miller, Celeste Marie Welch, Factory Girls, Terry X, Grace Rosario Perkins, and more. 

We are currently seeking contributors for issue #3 and beyond. Please e-mail with interest. 

These awesome grrls asked for some help promoting their project. GET INTO IT!

Wow please check this out!
My good friend Gabby Miller is part of this(she’s the girl in the 3rd photo). She’s a great artist and I got the chance to live and work with her a few years ago and I really miss her. She kept all my artworks I couldn’t take with me when I left California and actually used them!

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i can’t decide which one i like more lemme get some feedback 

I love the right one(with her staring into the distance) it’s more romantic, and it doesn’t look too staged unlike the right now. I love the other one too, but would’ve been better if she stood on the corner edge of the building

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i am a super-girl in brooklyn

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selected works by miho kajioka

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Josephine Baker [ Classic Black Actress Appreciation Night ]

Vogue Magazine, April 1964.  Photo Irving Penn

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I started listening to this band “pretty pretty” a few days ago and saw them tonight at the cooler ranch and they were amazing. My ears, brain and heart are now filled with pretty noise.