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Last weekend when I was home, I was showing my dad how he can connect to optimum anywhere on his phone because he has optimum hotspot. He was driving at the time, so I took his phone and looked through his wifi list and I saw “FBI surveillance van,” laughed and showed it to him, but he panicked, stopped the car, took his phone back, kept driving while looking at the wifi list and the “FBI surveillance van” was still there so he thought the FBI was following, I told him that wasn’t the FBI but someone else who named their wifi that. However since he’s hardheaded, he didn’t believe me, even when I told him he can also change his wifi name if he wanted which he had done in the past, but he still didn’t listen to reason because “why will someone who isn’t the FBI name their WiFi FBI” so I gave up trying to convince him. He stopped his car and kept looking out the window I guess looking for the FBI van. I decided to play along now and told him they might have stopped and hide their van since he stopped his car so the best thing to do was to not look suspicious and try to loose them, so he drove pass a red light and took the longest way home and finally when he looked at his phone the “FBI surveillance van” wasn’t there anymore.

I was home again on Saturday and he told me the FBI were still following him. 

The FBI has been following my dad for a week now whenever he’s driving around town.

And he thought to herself “woof”

I’m smoking a cigarette on my way to the train station and I just saw a little boy playing in front of his house ran in front of me and said, “you’re smoking?” I walked pass him and didn’t respond, I just kept walking and I looked back to see if he was still there and he was, he was looking at me yelling “YOU’RE SMOKING”

he kept screaming it until I couldn’t see or hear him anymore…

when I lived at 23 dix st I sometimes(most of the time) used to play Tetris as a way to determine how my day will go. If I made it to or pass level 30 my day was going to be incredible.
If I at least made it to level 20 I will go out that day, if I didn’t I will stay home unless I had to go to class. If I failed before I reached level 6 that meant that day was going to be bad so I stayed home or avoided any human interaction.

That’s why I played Tetris so much back then There were many other rules that kind of seem silly now…