There’s a church, I mean cult next to my doctor’s office and it’s no joke, their new members list keeps growing(which is in a notebook on a table next to the door). I used to see many people dressed in white and blue uniform go through the door, I used to think they were worker and I also minded my own business until today. My next appointment to see my doctor is next Monday and by that time Spirit Center Divine Light will gain a new promising member.

There’s a cult next door to my doctor’s office called “Spirit Center Divine Light”


Blue table with objects / Oil on unstretched canvas, Shanti Shea An, 2014.

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Patrick Caulfield
Rust Never Sleeps
Acrylic on canvas

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Open the door then shut it

Walking together in a group, you were there and you were there too. We were walking together towards a peak in the distance. It seemed far, but it wasn’t far enough. We all seemed happy at the time. As we got closer to the edge of the mountain, she looked over at me reaching for my hand, I reached over and held her hand. We both smiled, I reached for the hand to my right, then he also did. We wrapped ourselves around the mountain, then we began the journey up…

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